January 29, 2008

Yukari's AM Radio Debut

Yukari was interviewed today on The Wall Street Journal's morning show, a syndicated radio show broadcasted nationwide in the States.

Wondering why we'll continue to buy flat-panel TVs, even as the economy collapses? Listen to Yukari's segment for the details!

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January 28, 2008

Epic Loss!

New Year's Postcard season again. Yukari received 52 Japan Post postcards, each of which serves as an entry in a national lottery. I could win an iPod! Or a MacBook! Or postage stamps!

I had a fantastic victory in 2006, followed by a disappointing defeat last year. But since this is the last New Year's we'll be in Japan for the foreseeable future, I was sure that I'd win something.

Sadly, though, there wasn't a single winner in all 50+ cards we received. No year of the rat stamps for me!

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