January 29, 2008

Yukari's AM Radio Debut

Yukari was interviewed today on The Wall Street Journal's morning show, a syndicated radio show broadcasted nationwide in the States.

Wondering why we'll continue to buy flat-panel TVs, even as the economy collapses? Listen to Yukari's segment for the details!

Posted by pmk at January 29, 2008 7:43 AM

First in a 3d movie you have double imaegs of everything and one can only go to the right eye and one only to the left. The glasses have to block the image for the other eye. To do this there are 3 main 3d formats.1. Anaglyph It uses two colors and several color combination can be used. If red and blue is used then all imaegs for say the left eye are red and all right eye imaegs are blue. Then the red and blue lenses block the opposing color so that that eye only gets one image. So any device that can produce color can do this format.Now for the other two formats just a regular tv can't do them because of the way they work.2. polarized This uses polarized light waves. All right eye imaegs have a clockwise polarized light wave, and all left eye imaegs a counter clockwise polarized light wave. Then the lenses of the glasses block the opposing light wave. A regular tv can not put out two different light waves. There are polarized 3d tv's but the screen must have a kind of coating on it so all even numbered horizontal lines put out one light wave and all odd numbered horizontal lines put out the other light wave.3. field or frame sequential This format uses shutter glasses. On the glasses when one lens opens the other lens closes and they do this back and forth very fast. When a lens is open then the image for that eye flashes on screen. Tv's and dvd players were never made to flash back and forth between double imaegs and sync them up with some glasses, so you need a tv that can to this some how. This is the format that tv makers are going for at the moment, not polarized like most theaters are using. I have been to an Imax theater that uses the shutter glasses.

Posted by: Lorenza at July 10, 2015 8:14 AM
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