September 7, 2006

Newsweek Guest Appearance

My phone and I make a guest appearance in Brad Stone's recent Newsweek article about Japanese cellphones:

The one area where my beloved phone fell short was GPS navigation. Unlike a majority of new Japanese phones, Vodafone’s 905SH doesn’t have a GPS chip or mapping software to help users negotiate the baffling geography of Japan’s cities. I nevertheless got to try out that feature while utterly lost one day in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro entertainment district. As we set out for dinner, our friend Patrick whistled up the “ez navi” GPS software on his AU phone and tapped in the coordinates of the restaurant where we had reservations. Holding up the phone like a "Star Trek" tricorder, we walked past the incomprehensible street signs, following the blinking green line on the screen to our destination. Captain Kirk would be proud.

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