March 20, 2006

Christmas in March

A beer glass at a lunch place in Ginza.

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March 10, 2006

Interpretive Juggling: Part Deux

Jason Garfield, a friend of Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame, is a giant of the juggling world (yes, there is, apparently, a juggling world).

He was a little pissed off that Chris Bliss was getting noticed for his three-ball jugglling routine set to Abbey Road. Jason starts his impressive stream of consciousness rant by saying:

chris bliss’s juggling skill is crap. The most impressive thing he did was juggle for a long time and not drop…I don’t even understand why he juggles at all. His 3 ball skill is fair, good enough to make it three or four minutes without dropping. The world record for juggling 3 balls is over 11 hours, and the most difficult thing about that is staying awake and peeing.

To prove his emphatically-made point, Jason created a 5-ball routine to the same music. It’s very impressive. Click below to watch:

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