October 27, 2003

Just Barely Safe for Work!

WholesomeWear produces a line of seemingly Victorian-inspired bathing suits for women.

Being modest is apparently freaking expensive. $89 for a bathing suit. Wowza!

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Bad Monkey

Woke up, fell out of bed, saw my webpage was almost dead.

Guess I should change MT to keep at least two entries on the page at all times for when I'm too busy too blog. I'm about to put about 50 more items up on ebay, so stay tuned patrick.com fans!

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October 10, 2003

Badger Badger Badger

Mushroom Mushroom!

Please watch this for several minutes, then come back here to receive your hypnotic suggestions.

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October 9, 2003

Handbag DMCA Takedown

My wife bought a Kate Spade bag at the Spade boutique in Chicago about a year ago.

As part of our mass sell-off, I put this bag on Ebay. The auction ended at $79. A few hours later, myself and everyone who bid on the bag received a note from Ebay saying the auction had been pulled at the request of Kate Spade, LLC.

I emailed Kate Spade the following:

This bag was purchased at a KATE SPADE BOUTIQUE and is authentic.

Please reverse this decision immediately.

To which I received this response:

The auction was closed because the handbag was purported to be counterfeit. Selling counterfeit Kate Spade merchandise is a state and federal crime, a violation of Kate Spade's federally registered trademark rights, and a violation of the eBay User Agreement.

If you feel we are mistaken, please forward pictures, particularly of the outside label, country of origin label, hardware and the pattern or design, and we will review your claim.

So, when Kate Spade, or any other manufacturer, tells Ebay they think an item is counterfeit, Ebay not only delists the item, but also emails everyone who bid on that item, essentially claiming that:

  1. The item you were bidding on is fake
  2. The person you are dealing with is untrustwrothy.

If I was a manufacturer, I would challenege every single item I possibly could, just to help eliminate the secondary market for my goods and drive people into my stores.

This is the handbag equivalent of a DMCA takedown. Absolutely insane.

I've put pictures up here.

PS - If you think this sort of behavior sucks, email Dave Althoff, the person who organized this takedown, and let him know what you think.

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October 7, 2003

Tiny x86 system

So this little thing is a tiny little x86 box built into an rj45 jack.

It has ethernet, serial, and three bits of digital I/O. It also has 256KB of SRAM and 512KB of flash.

In quantity one, they are apparently about $50. So in large quantities, they probably approach $25-30 pretty quickly.

The processor is 16 bit (286), so it's not going to boot linux or anything, but what a neat little toy for Internet-enabling a device or easily embedding intelligence into just about anything!

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October 6, 2003

The Church at Pinnacle Hills

Dave reports that the beautiful marquee below not only rotates during the day, but is also illuminated at night.

Nothing says "Roger, Arkansas" like a rotating, illuminated church sign. Classy!

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October 1, 2003

What Makes a Commercial Funny?

I propose attempted dog suicide as one possible factor.

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